We work for you. In today's high paced modern world, Smart Friends Group believes you need a company that affords you the most valuable asset you have. Your time. Let us be your personal shoppers as we scour the world for the finest quality goods, at prices you can afford. All of our products are specifically designed to enhance people's lives.

Founded in 2018 in Denver, Colorado, a group of three friends, all with extensive knowledge in other businesses, created Smart Friends Group. They all have a passion to design a company from the ground up, rooted in finding the absolute best consumer products offered in the world. Their goal is to enhance people's lives and deliver high-quality products at affordable prices.

Package Delivered

I went through serval gallon water bottles before finding this one. I have had this one now for several months and it has held up great. I would recommend this bottle to others and will likely buy it again if something happens to mine."

Darius, Amazon Review